Action is coming…

One of the main reason we decided to set the date for operation Taiga to the 20th-22nd of April is because of the suns movement over the Nordic hemisphere. And in April all players will get the full effect of night time operations.  Nods out!



The picture below is taken 2018-04-13, 21:00 PM. One week left…


NEWS! One day ticket now available!

We at PME have received a lot of questions if it is possible to come and play just one day on Operation Taiga. Of course we want to have as many satisfied players as possible and since the interest for participating is so high, we have now decided to open up for just that – A 1 day ticket!

This opens up for the feeling of reinforcements on all teams and gives the chance for all those players who wants to participate to actually do so.

All the LARP elements and milsim rules applies to these players as well and you must still have the player requirements it needs to participate.

You can find the player requirements right here and the rules right here.

Players applying for this ticket has the permit to participate on the last day (that’s Sunday)  from 09:00 – 17:00.

More information on check in and briefing will be provided by PME crew before the 15:th of April.

Apply for the ticket right here!

The People’s Liberation Militia’s Call To Arms!

People and Defenders of Östmark,
It is obvious now that international interests now have their focus on our beloved country. Enemy rats might as well be lurking in the bushes as we speak and if not, they will be any day soon!

They are aiming for our minerals in the mountains and with them in charge they are going to deplete our land. This can not happen. We can not let this happen!
This world need no more depletion and no more wars!
However, we will defend this land as our forefathers did before us. Not for our own riches or well fare, but for the sake of mankind and the earth that we live on.
We will protect it with our harts, our spirits and our lives!

It is time that you now time for you, the People of Östmark to choose your side.
We know that many have left. Families of yours.. Don’t you want to bring them back? To the place where they were born, to live in peace in the land THEIR forefathers protected from this planets most greedy people?

We need you!
For the sake of this land, to secure our future on this planet and for stability to the region.

Apply by filling out the form below.

Join the PLM now!
We will stand with you on the barricades!

//Commander Zid


New Sponsor: S.A.R. joins PME!

We are breaking news by the day. One of the most important things in order for PME to create good events is of course the financial funds and., more so, the great cooperation with our LARP and milsim friends. We at PME are so happy to announce that Stockholm Airsoft Regiment has joined us in our quest to make great milsim and LARP events in Sweden.


“SAR is a great organization and a key factor to the success of airsoft in Stockholm. We are very happy to work with SAR since they, like us, consists of a bunch of airsoft enthusiasts that just want to make the sport more enjoyable. SAR will support us with knowledge and means to create awesome events in the Stockholm area- and in return they will have some great events to attend in their neighborhood.” – Manne PME

Stockholm airsoft regiment consists of several airsoft teams and independent players. SAR also act as a catalyst for the members’ own creativity, and provide contributions to projects that benefit the airsoft in Stockholm and Sweden. The organization is open for both experienced and new players.

“Stockholm Airsoft Regiment (SAR) is very happy to support PME in their effort to create innovative, high quality airsoft games in Stockholm and elsewhere. We believe that closer collaboration between our growing airsoft community and the organisations that arrange games will benefit all airsoft players in the region. We look forward Operation Taiga and to working even closer with PME on their upcoming events.” – Mats, President of SAR

Don´t forget to get your ticket to operation taiga, spots are filling by the day and you do not want to miss your chance to attend a great milsim event in the Swedish capital!


RUSFOR Commander Selected!

The search for the commanding officer for the RUSFOR units during operation Taiga has come to an end. We are very happy to announce that the one leading the RUSFOR units will be none other than Robin “Robovich/ W03 Joker” Földvary.

You probably already know Robin from his awesome Instagram and YouTube-channel with some inspiring kits and milsim videos.

Robin is quite the character and its always a pleasure to see his new content on his social media pages. However we are also very thrilled to be working with Robin in our events since he checks all the boxes as far as traits in what we are looking for in a commander at our events- some military background, milsim experience, LARP experience and especially a fun guy to be around.” – Jonathan PME

Robin has the following to say about PME and operation Taiga: “I am very excited to play more milsim in Sweden, since the majority of my game-visits have been in Russia where the games are on a completely different level (good and bad). PME attracts me as a player, as they strive for realism and the overall game-feeling, and that’s something I’m also looking for in my games. I hope to contribute with a good atmosphere, useful tactics and many laughs. Down with NATSOC!” – Robin Földvary


Be sure to follow Robin on Istagram @Robovich and YouTube on channel W03Joker Airsoft

Rule changes

First of all we at PME would like to thank everyone that participated in our polls regarding the previous events and also everyone sending us their opinions and suggestions. We are all about creating the best experience possible and we think that you- the players, are to key to that being successful.

We got a lot of opinions regarding or medic rules in operations Gevalia as to harsh- and we understood that we had to develop them further. We didn’t want to take the nature of the medic rules out of the game with the actual limitations of movement, since we got a lot of positive feedback on them in that regard. However we have decided to change the healing timer to no timer. Instead we have added the feature of teeing a white armband around the injured players arm. You still have to create the limitations of movement as before but we have added this in order to have a little bit more realistic timer to it, but still promoting a medic being fast in doing his job as well as taking out the timer perspective of the game- that can be somewhat of a “game-feeling-negative” sometimes.


We also got some players asking to use equipment that our rules did not cover previously. These were both drones and AT-replicas. We have now updated the rules to fit their requests since we think that it adds in a good way to our events.

You can see the AT-replica (M-72 LAW) being used in this video. Video credits to Task force Anchor!


Be sure to read the new and updated medic rules with the new content in the rules section.



Operation Taiga is closing in and the tickets are selling by the day. We are happy to see that the special forces tickets have all been sold out to selected players and we hope that these specific players will contribute to an awesome event for all participants.

Don´t forget to book your ticket to the unit you wish to play as, as soon as possible!


On further notice, there will be an update to the rules section next week. The medic rules have already been updated but we will post some further information about why this change has been made and how we came to the conclusion of how we wish the medic procedure should be be like. Further rule updates will be provided as a clarifications from players questions that have arised.


Stay tuned for more news, we are excited!

NATSOC Unit Presentation: Special Forces

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The third unit presented are the Special Forces of the The Nordic Alliance Treaty Special Operations Command.

Are you and your airsoft team trying to take things to the next level? Are your skill in the outdoors better than most? Do you like getting yourself extra dirty with a lot off effort for sometimes small gain? Are your team willing to push yourselves towards the goal with little food and little sleep? Is the mission the most valuable for your squad even if it means hours of reconnaissance and maybe not even firing a bullet? Then the NATSOC-SF are definitely something for you and your team!

This elite unit consist of the Nordic Alliance absolute best warriors. Their objectives often takes them deep behind enemy lines for one specific mission.
Their attitude is strictly focused and they are always ready to face any obstacle thrown in their way.

Read more about the NATSOC Special Forces right here!

Apply for Operation Taiga right here!

TICKET RELEASE: Operation Taiga

The day is finally upon us! We have been planning for this event for about 4 months now and we can proudly say that everything is coming together very nicely.

This is our biggest event up to date and we are very much looking forward to this 3 day milsim taking place at Räddningsskolan in Rosersberg.

Please read the rules one extra time before register. Have in consideration that this game is not an ordinary “Sunday Game”. Special rules are applied and certain behavior and social  interaction are expected from the participants.

You can find the rules here

To apply for this game, please fill out the form below:

For questions or further information, please contact

See you on the battlefield!