NEWS: “Operation Gevalia” Date of Operation + Short Info.

Operation Lingonberries was a sore defeat for the NATSOC forces. Whilst they were able to capture the PLM stronghold they casualties during the PLM counter attack was to severe and captain Westny was forced to pull his forces back.

The infamous warlord Zid was never captured and tough PLM troops managed to drive the occupation back they soon realized that this was just the begging and they would not be able to stay at their current whereabouts.

Meanwhile NATSOC intelligence sent in several agents to find out where Zid had gone and especially who he was and what he looked like… This soon backfired as one of NATSOC agents was captured in the act and now trialed as a enemy of Östmark. This agent did however manage to come in contact with officials of the counter side in the Östmark rebellion. These officials where also captured and held captive with the NATSOC agent.

NATSOC troops have now been sent the AO where intelligence units have marked as the probable prison for the agent and officials. Could this also be the current whereabouts of Zid?…

When: 18/2-2018, 09:00-18:00
Place: Tjärnan (Hedemora)
Gametype: Milsim/LARP
Contact:, tel: 0708780439
Web: NOTE- under construction
Ticket price: 250kr

Ticket release will open February 1st.

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