8 Days until Operation Gevalia

Time is moving fast towards the day of Operation Gevalia.
NATSOC forces have been conspiring against PLM and are now slowly building up a operation plan for the rest of the nation Östmark.

Rumors are that the notorious commander Zid and his Inner Circle are gathering for some kind of meeting regarding the last fighting breaking out between before unknown forces, now identified as NATSOC.

As much as the PLM want to inform the people of Östmark of whats happening behind the curtains, NATSOC want to dismantle this “band of pirates” and give the people of Östmark the same forced democracy that is applied to other nations who already joined them.

As always the diplomacy, the politics, the foul play, the black ops, the secret operations and the street-to-street fighting is taking place all over Östmark, all of the time.

The battle of Östmark is about to begin. Make sure you join the right side, for the right cause!

Get your tickets here!

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