NATSOC Unit Presentation: CSAR

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The second unit presented is the Combat Search And Rescue unit of NATSOC.


Are you that team oriented guy that thrives in making everyone around you´s situation and job better? Do you find medical gear to be extra cool and sexy in your personal setup? Do you like high stress situations and don´t mind getting your hands dirty? Here is the unit for you!
The Combat Search And Rescue unit of NATSOC are the most elite medics in the entire fraction. They are mobile and well equipped to deal with any obstetrical in their way to complete the mission. CSAR units also have a high expectation on performance from each team member. Members of CSAR have the “in-game” status of Doctor but with special forces capability during missions and combat.

We have a special place in our hearts for medical scenarios during our games and we want all you medic fanatics out there to get an awesome experience with blood and live role players acting as gunshot victims.

Read more about the NATSOC CSAR unit here

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