Rule changes

First of all we at PME would like to thank everyone that participated in our polls regarding the previous events and also everyone sending us their opinions and suggestions. We are all about creating the best experience possible and we think that you- the players, are to key to that being successful.

We got a lot of opinions regarding or medic rules in operations Gevalia as to harsh- and we understood that we had to develop them further. We didn’t want to take the nature of the medic rules out of the game with the actual limitations of movement, since we got a lot of positive feedback on them in that regard. However we have decided to change the healing timer to no timer. Instead we have added the feature of teeing a white armband around the injured players arm. You still have to create the limitations of movement as before but we have added this in order to have a little bit more realistic timer to it, but still promoting a medic being fast in doing his job as well as taking out the timer perspective of the game- that can be somewhat of a “game-feeling-negative” sometimes.


We also got some players asking to use equipment that our rules did not cover previously. These were both drones and AT-replicas. We have now updated the rules to fit their requests since we think that it adds in a good way to our events.

You can see the AT-replica (M-72 LAW) being used in this video. Video credits to Task force Anchor!


Be sure to read the new and updated medic rules with the new content in the rules section.


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