New Sponsor: S.A.R. joins PME!

We are breaking news by the day. One of the most important things in order for PME to create good events is of course the financial funds and., more so, the great cooperation with our LARP and milsim friends. We at PME are so happy to announce that Stockholm Airsoft Regiment has joined us in our quest to make great milsim and LARP events in Sweden.


“SAR is a great organization and a key factor to the success of airsoft in Stockholm. We are very happy to work with SAR since they, like us, consists of a bunch of airsoft enthusiasts that just want to make the sport more enjoyable. SAR will support us with knowledge and means to create awesome events in the Stockholm area- and in return they will have some great events to attend in their neighborhood.” – Manne PME

Stockholm airsoft regiment consists of several airsoft teams and independent players. SAR also act as a catalyst for the members’ own creativity, and provide contributions to projects that benefit the airsoft in Stockholm and Sweden. The organization is open for both experienced and new players.

“Stockholm Airsoft Regiment (SAR) is very happy to support PME in their effort to create innovative, high quality airsoft games in Stockholm and elsewhere. We believe that closer collaboration between our growing airsoft community and the organisations that arrange games will benefit all airsoft players in the region. We look forward Operation Taiga and to working even closer with PME on their upcoming events.” – Mats, President of SAR

Don´t forget to get your ticket to operation taiga, spots are filling by the day and you do not want to miss your chance to attend a great milsim event in the Swedish capital!


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