The People’s Liberation Militia’s Call To Arms!

People and Defenders of Östmark,
It is obvious now that international interests now have their focus on our beloved country. Enemy rats might as well be lurking in the bushes as we speak and if not, they will be any day soon!

They are aiming for our minerals in the mountains and with them in charge they are going to deplete our land. This can not happen. We can not let this happen!
This world need no more depletion and no more wars!
However, we will defend this land as our forefathers did before us. Not for our own riches or well fare, but for the sake of mankind and the earth that we live on.
We will protect it with our harts, our spirits and our lives!

It is time that you now time for you, the People of Östmark to choose your side.
We know that many have left. Families of yours.. Don’t you want to bring them back? To the place where they were born, to live in peace in the land THEIR forefathers protected from this planets most greedy people?

We need you!
For the sake of this land, to secure our future on this planet and for stability to the region.

Apply by filling out the form below.

Join the PLM now!
We will stand with you on the barricades!

//Commander Zid


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