Operation Taiga is closing in and the tickets are selling by the day. We are happy to see that the special forces tickets have all been sold out to selected players and we hope that these specific players will contribute to an awesome event for all participants.

Don´t forget to book your ticket to the unit you wish to play as, as soon as possible!


On further notice, there will be an update to the rules section next week. The medic rules have already been updated but we will post some further information about why this change has been made and how we came to the conclusion of how we wish the medic procedure should be be like. Further rule updates will be provided as a clarifications from players questions that have arised.


Stay tuned for more news, we are excited!

NATSOC Unit Presentation: Special Forces

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The third unit presented are the Special Forces of the The Nordic Alliance Treaty Special Operations Command.

Are you and your airsoft team trying to take things to the next level? Are your skill in the outdoors better than most? Do you like getting yourself extra dirty with a lot off effort for sometimes small gain? Are your team willing to push yourselves towards the goal with little food and little sleep? Is the mission the most valuable for your squad even if it means hours of reconnaissance and maybe not even firing a bullet? Then the NATSOC-SF are definitely something for you and your team!

This elite unit consist of the Nordic Alliance absolute best warriors. Their objectives often takes them deep behind enemy lines for one specific mission.
Their attitude is strictly focused and they are always ready to face any obstacle thrown in their way.

Read more about the NATSOC Special Forces right here!

Apply for Operation Taiga right here!

TICKET RELEASE: Operation Taiga

The day is finally upon us! We have been planning for this event for about 4 months now and we can proudly say that everything is coming together very nicely.

This is our biggest event up to date and we are very much looking forward to this 3 day milsim taking place at Räddningsskolan in Rosersberg.

Please read the rules one extra time before register. Have in consideration that this game is not an ordinary “Sunday Game”. Special rules are applied and certain behavior and social  interaction are expected from the participants.

You can find the rules here

To apply for this game, please fill out the form below:

For questions or further information, please contact

See you on the battlefield!


Possible rule-change

PME is always looking on improving the game experience for all that participate. And with that comes a natural development in our games and the rules that comes with them.
In our recent game we experienced a feeling from the players that the healing rules might be a little too harsh. We are now looking in to improving those rules and more specific the timers.

Don’t worry- the integrity of the healing rules with an actual limitation of movement will still be part of the game!

Stay tuned for more updates in the matter, and of course the ticket release of operation Taiga tomorrow!28208437_10156467186582223_222115691_o

PLM Unit Presentation: Vipers

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The third unit presented are the Vipers of the People’s Liberation Militia.


Rebellions have always been depending on guerrilla tactics. Östmark is no exception to this phenomena. Event though the whole revolution is relying on the voice of the people, this group has brought the battles against NATSOC to a whole other level and are one of the reasons PLM been so successful when moving in to power.

This band of mercenaries emerged some years ago and its uncertain who and what are behind them. They are brought in when it requires special skill.

Are your team strongly influenced by guerrilla warfare, fast operations and ambushes? Do you like when the tension is as high as the risk no matter what the gain is?
Then Vipers are something that you should look more into, right here!

NATSOC Unit Presentation: CSAR

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The second unit presented is the Combat Search And Rescue unit of NATSOC.


Are you that team oriented guy that thrives in making everyone around you´s situation and job better? Do you find medical gear to be extra cool and sexy in your personal setup? Do you like high stress situations and don´t mind getting your hands dirty? Here is the unit for you!
The Combat Search And Rescue unit of NATSOC are the most elite medics in the entire fraction. They are mobile and well equipped to deal with any obstetrical in their way to complete the mission. CSAR units also have a high expectation on performance from each team member. Members of CSAR have the “in-game” status of Doctor but with special forces capability during missions and combat.

We have a special place in our hearts for medical scenarios during our games and we want all you medic fanatics out there to get an awesome experience with blood and live role players acting as gunshot victims.

Read more about the NATSOC CSAR unit here

Operation Taiga

The conflict in Östmark has now come to such a tensed one that no side can keep on hiding behind politics, speeches and diplomacy.
After months of arguing between supposed leaders of the People’s Liberation Militia and the people in charge of the political decisions in the west both sides have now come to the conclusion that the only way to get either way through is with the use of violence.

The NATSOC nations have agreed to finally move in on what is the first held bigger town in the outskirts of PLM territory.
Since the breakdown of the state, PLM have however been the people organizing food, medical supplies and somewhat education to the civilian population who have decided the stay.
There is no official word on when if NATSOC is actually moving in, but the rebels are definitely waiting for something big to happen after the last months clashes between NATSOC forces in smaller locations around the outskirts of Ösmark and especially the last hostage rescue situation happening deep inside PLMs territory, where they all thought they were safe.

In the town of Ekdala, a small group of civilians have stayed behind, refusing to give up any of their rightfully owned land to either PLM or any other armed group. Still, a lot of the rebels are somehow connected to the people living on the land, either by family ties or friendships. The PLM have also been bringing everything the population need to sustain somewhat quality of life.

What nobody has noticed yet, is that something is stirring in the east…

The game will feature cohesive gameplay with different missions for all units represented on the PME website. Find the unit who suits you the best and get to do what you always wanted to do in airsoft but in a more respectable and real way.
When you join this event you can expect everything from kidnappings, ambushes, special operations, assassinations, combat search and rescue, infiltration, night raids, strategy and the physical and psychological pressure that comes with it.


This game is IN GAME 24/7
This means that you have to sleep with your safety goggles on at all times.

This game will feature 3 versions of tickets, each one suited for every milsimer and LARPer. This will give the option for more players to participate in the battle of Östmark in their own way.

The 3 day ticket is for the hardcore Milsim player. This includes 1 meal per day except for RUSFOR, NATSOC- scout sniper and special forces since these units won’t return to FOB.

The 2 day ticket is for the player who do not have the money or time to go on a 3 day event but still want to be a part of this series. This includes 1 meal per day except for RUSFOR, NATSOC- scout sniper and special forces since these units won’t return to FOB

The civilian ticket is free of charge. This ticket is for the LARP player who want to take part of this game as the civilian population of Ekdala and Ösmark. You will be able to participate in diplomacy, interact with soldiers and experience a milsim event on the front row.
This ticket will also give you the opportunity to join one of the sides for the last day and its battles. To do this you do need to participate in the whole game.
1 meal of food per day will be provided for the players that buys this ticket.
Civilian players have to pay 250:- in deposit. This money will be repaid after the event has taken place.

When: 20/4 – 22/4 – 2018, game starts 16:00 on Friday and finishes 17:00 on Sunday
Place: Räddningsskolan Rosersberg
Gametype: Milsim/LARP
Contact:, tel: 0708780439
Web: NOTE- under construction
Ticket price:
3 days – 750 kr (650 kr for RUSFOR, NATSOC- scout sniper, special forces)
2 days – 650 kr (550 kr for RUSFOR, NATSOC- scout sniper, special forces)

Civilan: FREE
NOTE: Paid ticket will not be refundable. If you have payed for your ticket and still can not attend the event, you are able to sell your ticket to another participant. In this case, you need to contact PME crew in advance.

If you do not have the proper equipment to fulfill your role during the event, such as correct camo or other gear- you will not be allowed to participate and no refund will be given!
Only paid tickets will ensure you a spot in the event.
Civilian players have to pay 250:- in deposit. This money will be repaid after the event has taken place.

Ticket release will open February 28th