PME belives that the role played by civilians is on of the most crucial in order to create a great LARP and Milsim event. Therefor we put a lot of emphasis in creating as good of an experience as possible for the civilian players, as we know how much you do for the overall event.

Civilian players attend our events for free! We will also create a role for you for your own set of intrigues.

A player that stays for the whole game has the opportunity to join the faction they think is most sustainable for the future of Östmark and fight with them on the last day/last part of our games.


Strictly civilian clothes.

Note: Chest rigs and plate carriers can be brought to the game for its last sequence but are not allowed to be used during the first days/parts of the game.


small arms, shotguns, boffer weapons

Note: Simple versions of SMG’s and Assult Rifles without any type off enhanced sight can be brought for the last day/part of the game. These are NOT allowed to be used other when game masters allows it. This will be described more further in each game description.


30% milsim 70% LARP

Physical & pshycological requirments:

As a member of the population of Östmark you are expected to last the entire event and with its strains. You will be expected to perform with somewhat lack of food and sleep.

There are no extreme physical or psychological requirements to play as a Civilian.

Mission types:

Diplomacy, LARP, combat, “our home is our haven”.

Special requirments:

You must bring your own type of accommodation in form of a tent, caravan, mobile home or some sort of temporary hut. You will be able to store food and water in your settlement as well as personal equipment. Resupplies will be more dependent on the diplomacy with PLM or NATSOC and easier to access due to Östmark actually being this units home turf.