The Combat Search And Rescue unit of NATSOC are the most elite medics in the entire fraction. They are mobile and well equipped to deal with any obstetrical in their way to complete the mission. CSAR units also have a high expectation on performance from each team member. Members of CSAR have the “in-game” status of Doctor but with special forces capability during missions and combat.

Members of this unit requiers special selection contact us for more info.

Note: CSAR missions include graphic content. This is not for the fainth hearted, blood and gore.


Multicam (regular/tropic), M90 (green), Flektarn, M81 woodland, DPM, Marpat, Ranger green, Olive darb, AOR, Pencott greenzone, M95 (green).


small arms, assault rifles and sniper rifles


80% milsim 20% LARP

Physical & pshycological requirments:

As a member of CSAR unit you are expected to last the entire event with all its strains, with out any bigger issues. You will be expected to perform with  lack of food and sleep. You are expected to follow orders at all times. CSAR units should be prepared to seldom return to FOB or unit camps once the game starts. CSAR units should be prepared to link up with other units including special forces and help with medical capabilities during these units missions. You must be able to carry all the equipment needed to complete all tasks given to you during the entire game, as well as personal equipment such as food and water. Expect little resupply.

The CSAR unit  have a large physical and phycological requirment. This is not for the first time out-doorsman.

You need to be able to run 8km within 60 minutes and carry a 35kg pack for 120 minutes.

Mission types:

CSAR, Combat medical attention, Combat, “hearts & minds”.

Special requirments:

As a member of CSAR you need to have a radio that is effective over a 5km range. You also need to have a somewhat full 25L medical bag. CSAR team needs to bring 2 strechers that are capable to carry a 110kg 200cm person.