“Doctors Out Of Borders”

When the unrest started in Östmark a lot of the civilian population fled further into the country or left the country behind them. A lot of the needed professions left with it. However a few doctors and medical personel stayed behind for the same reasons that the rest of the PLM did. These are now the best recourse the PLM has when it comes to treating wounded and the few civilians that have chosen to stayed behind.
This team of doctors and medics call themselves “Doctors Out Of Borders” or in short – DOOB, just for the reason that they dared to do what no one else did.
Due to last conflicts this unit has now no choice but to arm themselves, for their own protection, and the sake of their nation. Even though DOOB can defend themselves they are still dependent on the protection of PLM, just as much as PLM are dependent on DOOB for the support of the people.
Doctors Out Of Borders has the game status of Doctor.


Members of this unit are not allowed to wear any other tops then tan colored ones. Pants must be black. No tactical gear is valid for this unit. DOOB members need to have a red cross visible.


30% milsim 70% LARP

Physical & pshycological requirments:

As a member of DOOB unit you are expected to last the entire event with all its strains, with out any bigger issues. You will be expected to perform with lack of food and sleep.  DOOB units should be prepared to move where they are most needed and attend to whatever wounded that needs treatment.

Mission types:

Medical attention, “för folket och hälsan”.

Special requirments:

As a member of DOOB you need to have a radio that is effective over a 5km range. You also need to have a somewhat full 25L medical bag. DOOB units need to be able to carry stretchers that are capable to carry a 110kg 200cm person.

Vehicles are valid for this unit. Please contact PME for  authorization of vehicle.