Inner Circle

The Inner Circle of PLM is what’s left of the high leadership in Östmark. It is uncertain who exactly control the rebels but it is clear that it is more then one person. Commonly said consisting of Politicians, Doctors, former high ranking Officers and a few individuals with high interest among the people.
Members of this unit requires special selection, contact us for more information.


It is not known to the outside who these people are and therefore their outfits are unknown.

Note: Players of this unit will be parted their assigned outfit by the special selection.


Small arms and Assault rifles


65% milsim 35% LARP

Physical & psychological requirements:

The Inner Circle does not have any physical requirement, however you have high expectations to perform during high psychological stress and with a lack of sleep. You need to be able to direct troops in combat during all hours of the event.

Mission types:

Leadership, Intelligence, interrogation, “For the sake of the nation”.
Special requirements:

As a member of the Inner Circle you need to have a radio that is effective over a 5km range. You also need to have a laptop or tablet as well as a cellphone to work in game.