Player Requirements

Basic requierments

You need to be at least 18 years old to participate at our events.

You need to bring your own sleep-systems.

You need to bring all equipment required for your role in your unit (see more under fractions).


Playing Airsoft and LARPing has always let you control your own character and everything that comes with it.

In a Milsim Game however, the experience for everybody involved is based in each individuals performance.
Our intents is that every player feels like he/she is a part of a “bigger whole”.

This type of games demands pretty much of the participant. Not only a good spirit during the operating hours, but a will to fulfill the mission and reach the object. When this cant be done, its even more important to give the player on opposing team the great feeling of success when he or her accomplishing their mission.

PME wants everybody to leave the game when its finished and not be able to stop talking about the different “scenes” during the game. What they saw, how they saved their squad-mate while the rest of the platoon got wiped out, how they lost the Ammo-depot, how they single handedly drove 6 enemy on flight, and so on…

This whole experience rests on each players ability to laugh at their own expense and let other participants feel equally as good or important for the games success!


The Physical Challenge

PME have realized that a Milsim game will NEVER be a real operation. And that’s not what its about. It’s about living all of our childhood dreams of being the hero, the companion, the original character and so on. We must never forget that this is a game and that we all want to have fun, even if it means being hungry and aching for a shit during a fire fight.

To appreciate these things, we want you to be prepared for what is to come. You dont want to be the one who left the game early because you did not bring warm enough clothes or to few energy bars while reconosing the enemy SAM-site. Milsim games are not always comfortable and is crucial that you as a player understands this before signing up. Sometimes its hurts, sometimes its cold and sometimes you still need to perform your guard duty even if you are tired.

Physical and psychological aspects will differ depending on what fraction you play as. They can be more or less demanding, so before you decide to join our game, make sure you have the right mindset and the right gear to make it through, whether it is as a Rebel guard or as a Elite Recon Unit.


In-/Off Game


We want to keep the characters IN character for as long as possible. This means that going “off game” because you want to “have a piss in peace” is something does not apply with the vision of how our games should be.
We want you to be prepared for everything!

Of course this is not a RULE, but something you should reflect over before signing up.
We want the game to feel like a continuous happening, fram start to finish.
If you NEED to go off game, do so as discretely as possible!