Previous events

Operation Lingonberries, 10th of December 2017


The land of Östmark is in flames after the country’s president found murdered in his palace. The civil war broke out quickly between various entinity groups, as the internal conflicts had been at the brink of explosion for a while and President Lack’s hard rule was the only thing that held the country together. Now the different Political stands blame each other as the ones behind the assassination of President Lack.

The United Nordic States were quick to send a military force to the area, which also raised suspicions about whether the country’s intentions might have increased interest in Östmark’s major oil resources, and was not the Presidential Assassination a little well professional?


In the midst of this chaos of civil war, a warlord has taken the opportunity to expand his influence. His name is Zid, loved by his own people as a hero and future leader of Östmark. At the same time, he has been accused of abusive war crimes against the country’s minority groups, and reports of regular ethnic cleansing have been submitted by observers of the United Nordic states. Zid’s popularity is undoubtedly a problem for a peaceful resolution in Östmark, at least from the United Nordic States point of view.

The United Nordic States has now secretly left a small elite force landing only a few kilometers outside the area where Zid and his men are suspected of being – now waiting for orders.

Operation Gevalia, 18th of February 2018

Operation Lingonberries was a sore defeat for the NATSOC forces. Whilst they were able to capture the PLM stronghold their casualties during the PLM counter attack was to severe and captain Westny was forced to pull his forces back.

The infamous warlord Zid was never captured and though PLM troops managed to drive the occupation back they soon realized that this was just the beginning and they would not be able to stay at their current whereabouts.

Meanwhile NATSOC intelligence sent in several agents to find out where Zid had gone and especially who he was and what he looked like… This soon backfired as one of NATSOC agents were captured in the act and are now being tried as enemies of Östmark. This agent did however manage to come in contact with officials of the counter side in the Östmark rebellion. These officials were also captured and held captive with the NATSOC agent.

NATSOC troops has been deploved at the location marked by our intelligence units witch is believed to be a prison that holds the agent and the officials. Could this also be the current whereabouts of Zid?…