These are the infantry type units of PLM and the bonestructure of the entire fraction. These units were the first to answer the call to keep the nation of Östmark intact. The rebels are somewhat considered as a part of the society and have personal ties to the civilian population of Östmark.



Members of this unit are not allowed to wear any other camouflage other than City-camo patterns. Other permitted clothing is civilian or one color garment.

Note: Chestriggs and plate carriers can be of a any color or camoflage but if this item is of any other color than black and/or city camo the player can not have any other garment in green color.


small arms, Assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and explosives.


65% milsim 35% LARP

Physical & pshycological requirments:

As a member of the PLM Rebel unit you are expected to last the entire event and with its strains. You will be expected to perform with somewhat lack of food and sleep. You are expected to follow orders at all times. You must be able to carry all the equipment needed to complete the upcoming task given to you during the game, as well as personal equipment such as food and water for the given task. Resupplies will be more dependent on the diplomacy with civilians and easier to access due to Östmark actually being this units home turf.

You don’t need the same physical requirements in this unit as you would in NATSOC’s Infantry Unit. This is due to the PLM always being on their home turf. However, you need to endure somewhat lack of sleep and food.

Mission types:

Combat, recon, guard duty, diplomacy, “fighting for family, friends & country”.

Special requirments:

As a member of the PLM Rebel unit you need to make sure that someone in your team have a radio that is effective over a 5km range.