Individual behavior is of out most importance and every player carries a big responsibility for their own actions. We do not tolerate off-game interactions between players in a bad behavioral manner. This goes for commenting on an other players behavior, their in-ability to follow rules or game structures or in any way talk negative about other players. If you have a problem regarding rules or other players you are to speak to the game master, and only the game master.

There will be no fuss between players at PME events. Who started it is irrelevant to us and all involved in a interaction like this will be consider problem makers.

Take pride in making other players experience better. Who knows; maybe you just made that persons day by taking that hit you didn’t feel.

Read more below in “Failure to comply”

The interaction between Milsim and LARP:

At PME events we have a wide span of players with different background and goals for the game. Its very important that all players respect each other and other players will and game experience.

Milsim players need to respect those who want to play a role with more implement of LARP and vise versa. Treat each other in the most realistic- and game enjoyable- way possible. It is not reasonable for a NATSOC player to shoot an unarmed civilian without reason. Also it is not seen as realistic for a civilian to not respect the authority of an well armed soldier. Actions like this can lead to drastic consequences as it is seen as an attempt to ruin the game experience for other players.


PME games are not only milsim games. Our events have a strong LARP implement and that goes for all fractions. If you are hit, use your best acting skills and “play out” your hit, scream, lay down on the ground etc. The more effort the better experience you create for your surrounding players. All hits on parts of your body and/or clothing are considers a lethal hit. This goes for backpack, boonie, hearing protection etc. But does not include weapon hits (see weapon hit). When in doubt- you are hit!

Hit players are only allowed to scream in agony or call for a medic.

Note: Do not shout hit! Try to stay away from the death-rag as much as possible, only use this if you keep getting shot, or even better shout in agony from your gunshot wound more! You are in no way allowed to move yourself in a unrealistic manner. You can assist a bit by crawling and acting like you are injured but not by walking or running.

Weapon hit:

Weapon hits does not count as a regular hit. However this makes your weapon not usable and can only be repaired at a FOB- or automatically during a respawn. If your weapon gets hit a second time, then its considered as a regular hit to the body (you can’t use your hit weapon as a shield)

Note: Hit weapon are still not usable when healed by a medic.


A hit player has a forced bleedout period of 5 minutes. You as a player is responsible to keep track of your own bleedout timer. If a medic has not started to attend to you during this time you are considered dead and must return to respawn. However, you are only allowed to leave your place of death if the situation allowed for you to do so without getting noticed. You are not allowed to leave an ongoing firefight with a death-rag to go and re-spawn.

You are not allowed to help anyone in moving you when you are hit. In order to move a player that has been hit, you have to either carry or drag that player by your own force.

Note: Understand and estimate the situation, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t leave your place of death without getting noticed. Do so in a manner where you don’t interfere with other players game experience and/or ability to loot you etc.

Medic & Healing

At first hit a player can be healed and brought back into the firefight. Healing can only be performed by a combat-medic or a doctor. The second time a player is hit he/she is considered eliminated and must return to re-spawn, with the same rules for bleedout etc. as for the first hit.

Medics and Doctors are themselves responsible the bring the equipment needed to heal other players. If they do not have the equipment, a heal can not be performed.

Combat medics and doctors are allowed to stop their healing procedure to fire their weapon.

Combat Medic

Combat medics are a part of the regular fire-teams with the ability to heal other players. These medics have simple but somewhat effective medical skills and a obliged by certain healing rules.

When healed by a combat medic: It is the medics job to limit the injured players ability to move depending on what type of injury the player received. This is determined by where the player was shot or by the medic on scene.

Hit received on the upper body (belt line and up) means that the medic limits mobility on one of the players arms by taping together lower arm with upper arm or by taping the players fingers together.
Hit received to lower body (below belt line) means that the medic limits mobility on one of the players legs by taping a tennis ball to the bottom part of the injured players shoe/boot.

The medic also has to tie a white armband/ white tape around the injured players arm to indicate that the player has been hit.

The heal is complete once all these tasks has been completed.


Doctors/CSAR have advanced and effective medical skills which translates in to different healing rules than the combat medic.

When healed by a Doctor a white armband is tied or taped on the injured players arm. This indicates that the player has been hit one time but is not limited in movement.

The Doctor/CSAR do also need to perform a so-called “Blood Sweep”; this simply means that he/she drags his/her hands down the extremities and the back of the player that has been hit. This simulates a search for secondary injuries, this procedure shall take approximately 30 seconds.


An engineer acts as a vehicle support. The engineer is the only person that can repair a downed vehicle outside of vehicle respawn. The engineer is also the only person that can remove vehicle mines.

To repair a downed vehicle to engineer has to open the hood of the vehicle, check oil, and check the washer fluid. When this is done the engineer needs to check the outside part of the vehicle for damage to the body. This is all done with the drive present. The repair is done when all these tasks has been done. This will restore the vehicle to half of its normal hit points (Class 1= 1 hp, Class 2= 1hp, Class 3= 2 hp). A repaired vehicle also heals the driver in the process, but not the main gunner.

To remove a vehicle mine the engineer needs to place both hands on the mine for 1 minute before he/she can remove it from the ground. This has to be 60 consecutive seconds without any interruption, or the timer will reset. The mines can only by placed to the sides of the road/path- not brought back with them.


Weapon management is crucial in regards of safety. You are required to always handle your weapon with care and always see where your gun is pointing when pulling the trigger. You are not allowed to shot  without having your eyes behind the weapon sights.

We measure weapon classes and any safety restrictions in joules. However we have also translated this in a 20.g BB travel rate in meters per second to get you a hint of your weapons performance. Note: This does not translate directly and violations regarding safety distance and fire rate is always measured in joules, nothing else.


CQB: 1.25 Joule (0-109 m/s) – 0m, Semi/full auto

A: 1.75 Joule (110-130 m/s) – 10m, Semi/full auto

B: 2.25 Joule (131-140 m/s) – 15m, Semi only

B+: 2.25 Joule (131-140 m/s) – 15m, Full auto (Machine gun only! M249, PKM, RPK etc. Drum-magazine on a regular rifle as an M4 or Ak74 is not considered a machine gun)

C: 2.55 Joule (141-160 m/s) – 20m, Semi only

D: 3.35 Joule (161-180 m/s) – 30m, Bolt action

E: 4.55 Joule (181-213 m/s) – 40m, Bolt action


All BB´s must be 6mm plastic bio BB´s except for weapon class D and E users (which can use non bio- but must be plastic). NO ceramic, led or any other materiel for BB´s is allowed. The maximum weight that is allowed to be used is 0.54 grams.

All ammunition must be stored in magazines with the exception of one speed loader per player. This speed loader is restricted to hold 100 BB’s and can be looted by all other players. Magazines can be reloaded in FOB’s and ammunition depose.

Note: Machine gun operators are allowed to bring 1000 extra BB’s with them in to the field. These are allowed to be shared between players, but only carried by the machine gunner, and also looted by other players. These players must be armed with a machine gun capable of weapon class B+. (This only regards the model- if you want to have a machine gun with a lower energy such as CQB or A-class, then you can still benefit from the ammo rule).

Weapon models a restricted to hold the maximum of:

Pistol: 50 BB´s/Magazine

Shotguns: 30 BB shells

PDW/SMG: 60 BB´s/Magazine

Assault rifle: 60 BB´s/Magazine

DMR/Semi sniper: 30 BB´s/Magazine

Bolt action sniper: 15 BB´s/Magazine

Machine gun: 1500 BB´s/Magazine

Note: We still allow all types of magazines but they can only be loaded with the allowed amount of BB´s that is stated by your weapon system. (You can have a magazine to your M4 with 150 BB capacity, but loaded with 60 BB´s).


Grenades kills everyone within a 5m radius or everyone residing in the same room as a grenade goes of in. No matter if grenade BB’s hit you or not. If in doubt- you are hit!

Note: TRMR grenades and other “heavy grenades” are not allowed to be thrown any higher than waist level. These grenades can do serous damage if being thrown with power and at spots where you cant see, or control their flight and landing spot. Be safe!

Legal grenade models with hit-effect:

Enola Gaye (EG67, Flash grenade, Mk2), TRMR, Thunder B, Tag67, FBG-6, Arch-agnel, Reaper.

Players are allowed to carry as many grenades with hit-effect as they wish. There are no regulations as far as warning other players about you using a grenade.

Legal smoke grenade models:

Enola gaye, Velum, Tactical FX.

Players are allowed to carry as many smoke grenades as they wish, however during some games certain colors may be restricted as they can have a different effect during that game. More info will be provided by game master pre-game.

Note: If your grenade is not on the list and you want to use it, contact us for more info.


Breaching shields are allowed at some stages of- or specific PME games. These shields must be built to look like a “real steel” breaching shield and be of the same weight.

Some ground rules are:

Shield carrier can only use a pistol while carrying a shield.

Shields protect only where it actually stops BB´s, if you are hit at your feet or other body parts sticking out- you are of course hit.

Ballistic shields such as a “Vant vm” can also protect, the shield carrier, + 1  player behind the cover of the shield from grenades- even when residing in the same room as a grenade detonates. This is however only if:

1: The grenade goes of in front of the shield and both the carrier and second player are behind the cover of the shield.
2: The shield is in contact with the floor (there cant be any chance of grenade spall hitting the feet of the carrier).

All other players except the shield carrier and the second player behind cover are considered hit in this situation. It is always the first player behind the shield carrier that is considered “the second player”- you cant choose who got hit.

Note: All shields must be approved to use by PME crew prior to the event. There is a big responsibility on shield carriers in regards of sportsmanship and deciding if hit or not- BE FAIR! If we find that this item is misused by a player, then the player will be inflicted with a warning.

Mines & Booby traps

Troop mines and booby traps are all allowed but must be of the same model as any of the legal grenade models (with hit effect) mentioned in the grenade section. These mines may disarmed by either cutting a trip wire or moving the mine/booby trap in a way so its no longer harmful. You are not allowed to take the mine/booby trap with you. The owner must be able to recover it from the site it was set up.

Note: If a booby trap or mine is set off during an attempt to disarm it its considers a legal hit with the same rules as a hit-effect grenade.

Vehicle mines will be provided by PME crew to fractions to use. These mines can not be disarmed without an engineer.

Note: A booby trapped vehicle mine that is set off during attempt to disarm mine will also set of the vehicle mine and create a kill radius of 15m including vehicles in this area and everyone residing inside of them.

Anti-tank weapons

We do allow blank firing anti-tank weapon systems such as M-72 LAW and other AT-replicas.

You can take out a vehicle with one shot of a AT-replica no matter what vehicle class it is. The weapon has an effective range of 40 meters and must be shot in front of the driver- so that he/she can see that you have fired your weapon hens disabling it .

Note: All AT-replicas must be cleared with PME crew before the event.

Knockout & Knifekills


Knockouts are performed by tapping the player you attempt to knock on the head and saying “knock”. A knock turns the the player of concerned unconscious for 15 minutes. In this state the player can not move nor speak or shout. However other players can revive the knocked player from unconscious state by shaking the player a bit.

If the knocked player had the chance to see his/her attacker whilst getting knocked (Attacker coming from the front), the player is allowed to inform other players about his attacker and what he last experienced before getting knocked.

If the knocked player didn’t have the chance to see his/her attacker whilst getting knocked (Attacker coming from the rear), the player is NOT allowed to inform other players about his attacker and what he last experienced before getting knocked.

Note: A player who gets knocked out are allowed to say “knock out” in order to make other players understand what has happened to him/her.


Knifekills can only be performed by a rubber or latex knife (no sharpness what’s so ever is allowed). To kill another player with a knife you gently put your rubber/latex knife on the other players throat and say “Knife kill”. This kills the player directly without any chance of reviving heal. The player also gets a penalty bleedout timer of 15 minutes. Players that have been killed by a knife are under the same rules as being killed by a rifle, you can’t speak, leave site if the situation doesn’t allow for it etc.

Note: A player that is killed by a knife are allowed to say “knife kill” in order to make other players understand what has happened to him/her.

Prisoners & Confiscations

During PME games there will come a time when taking prisoners is a part of the mission and/or tactical situation. It is up to both parts of this confrontation to play their role as good as possible for the overall game experience but also in a respectful manner towards each other.

We want to keep these situations as realistic and fun as possible without exposition to serous injuries. Therefore we have some ground rules.

A captured player can at any time say that he/she no longer wishes to be imprisoned. This players must then be released but will in the process be seen as dead and will have a penalty re-spawn time of at least 1 hour.

A captured player can choose if he/ she permits a frisk. If not- the player must hand over all valuable information and weapons. If the player permits a frisk- this player is allowed to keep everything he/she succeeds to hide.

A captured player can only be tied up or restrained with hands forward, and these restrains must be able to be untied by the player that is restrained. A restrained player can not untie him/herself “in-game”-this is just a safety procedure.

Note: We at PME encourage you as a player to allow others the capture you if you are fining yourself in such a situation. Remember, these events have a LARP mindset. Your character wants to stay alive and when choosing between getting shot or being captured- you are probably more likely to choose the last option.


General rules for all vehicles

In contact with a vehicle

You are not allowed to throw any type of grenade inside of a vehicle.

You are not allowed to force a vehicle to change their on going route by throwing items or in any way create an unexpected obstacle.

If you want vehicle to open its doors you must first knock. You are not allowed to open other players vehicles without their permission.

ONLY the owners of a vehicle might drive it unless the owner and temporary driver have agreed to such.

The driver is the person responsible for all damage inflicted upon others in contact with the vehicle or residing in it.

Vehicles may not be left blocking the road on the game area without the driver being present and able to move it in case of an accident and someone needing to pass by. Note: This is in emergency cases only, you can’t force the driver to move a vehicle in a tactical aspect.

When driving a vehicle in game you must drive it in a manner where risk is as low as possible. This is highly related to operating speed.

Maximum operating speed for a vehicle in transport mode is 40 km/h, maximum operating speed for a vehicle in combat mode is 30 km/h.

It is allowed to shot out from a vehicle for everyone except the driver, unless the vehicle is fully stopped. The vehicle most have all windows fully down in order to be allowed to shot from inside of the vehicle.

Both front plates and full turret is allowed to be mounted on a vehicle.

Vehicle classes

Class 1

Soft skinned “technical”- regular civilian car, truck or other vehicle. No armor nor military style.

1 hp

Class 2

Medium skinned- military styled vehicle with soft armor. Think Humvee.

2 hp

Class 3

Hard skinned- military styled vehicle with hard armor. Tanks, APC, tracked vehicles or other hard armored cars with mounted turrets.

3 hp


Note: When sending in photos of you vehicles- PME crew will decide their vehicle class

How to engage a vehicle

A vehicle must slow down to a operating speed of 10km/h if taking hits from BB’s. If someone inside of the vehicle takes hits from these BB´s then they are hit under the regular “hit rules”. The vehicle is however operational and can only be taken out by either;

  • A legal hit effect grenade landing directly on or within 5m of the vehicle. Each grenade counts as one hit point. (TRMR grenades and other non pyro-technique heavy/hard grenades are not allowed to be used against vehicles)- ex of legal greandes: Enola gaye, TAG archangel, reaper, 67
  • The vehicle is shot with a AT-replica- This instantly disables the vehicle- no matter what vehicle class.
  • The vehicle drives over a vehicle mine- in this case a vehicle mine destroys the vehicle instantly no matter what class or hit points the vehicle has taken previously.

A downed vehicle kills the driver and the main gunner and must be stopped in current place. Other crew member have 1 minute to escape the “burning” vehicle before they also count as hit.

Vehicles have a “bleed out timer” of 10 minutes and can after the bleed out period return to re-spawn.

A downed vehicle can be repaired by an engineer (see “engineer”). This will restore the vehicle to half of its normal hit points (Class 1= 1 hp, Class 2= 1hp, Class 3= 2 hp). A repaired vehicle also heals the driver in the process, but not the main gunner.


Drones will be allowed to use for some specific units. These drones will act as surveillance tools and can not be shot down and are not allowed to be fired upon. Think of it as a UAV drone that normally circles high in the air- except know you can actually know that there is an enemy presence.

Command structures

To keep the game as authentic as possible, players are in control of their own actions and always have to answer to a higher command.

FOB, Field-hospitals & Sleeping-areas

FOB (Forward operating base) acts as mobile spawn points during PME games. Some FOB´s might be just a flag or marker whilst some are full operating command structures/tents. FOB´s, field-hospitals and sleeping-areas are live at all hours of our events (if nothing else is stated) and are therefore also allowed to be attacked. There are however some limitations while attacking these positions in regards of safety of players and equipment.

Grenades and other pyrotechnics are strictly forbidden to be used at FOB´s, Field-hospitals & Sleeping-areas where there are tent and other structures.

You are not allowed to shot inside of a tent or structured FOB, field-hospital & sleeping-area. This is because Command players have their personal computers, tablets and other sensitive equipment that we don’t want to destroy during the game. However these players are therefore not allowed to defend themselves from within these structures- if you capture the FOB with players inside the tent or structure, then those players are forced to surrender.

Note: Use common sense, if you find a position where there are no tents or structures or if there are no valuable equipment in that area- then fight as normal.

Special sniper rule

Shooting process

To confirm the target you’ll have to send a picture of the target to your commanding officer and get the shot approved. When the shot is approved you’ll have to set a small explosive device off, this will be hand out by crew before or during the event.

Some units are able to use, what we call, the special sniper rule. This is one shot that can be made at a distance up to 1500 meters with a kill effect without a BB hitting the target.

Note: These actions must be organized with PME crew. 

PME – Extras

During PME events extra rules and actions can be implemented during the event. These includes changes for game structures such as respawn but also weapon systems and capabilities.

We want to make players aware of this since it could for example give your opposing force more advantageous respawn rules during some events as an act of “reinforcements arriving”. Do not accuse your opponents for cheating etc. If in doubt speak with your game master.

Failure to comply

Failure to comply to game rules such as Ammo and Medic rules will result in a warning. If you are found breaking the rules a second time you will be banned from PME events and escorted away from the game area with no economic refund.

Failure to comply to behavioral rules such as treatment of others and attempting to ruin game experience for others will result in an instant ban from PME events, escort from the game area with no economic refund.


PME takes no responsibility for damages that player inflict on each other and on the area of the event. The responsibility relies on each individual player and you are always obliged to follow Swedish law and regulations.

Players that  attend and participate in our events, do so at your own risk.

You as a player is obliged to bring proper safety equipment. Safety glasses/googles cleared for airsoft is mandatory, mouth and hearing protection is highly recommended.

You as a player is obliged to know and understand all PME rules before the start of the event.

You as a player is obliged to bring all the equipment that is needed for you to perform your task as well as wear the proper camo-pattern etc.

You as a player is obliged to take part and understand all the information that has been handed to you, prior to the event.