The Saboteur is somewhat unknown from the rest of the PLM. This person is not officially a member of the rebels and live together with the civilians, but still work towards the same goals as the PLM. Specialized in covert operations, spying, demolition charges and assassinations, these brave few are the once providing information to the Inner Circle.
The Saboteur will do whatever it takes to liberate Östmark from foreign forces and politics.

Members of this unit requires special selection, contact us for more info.


Civilian clothes, Multicam, preferable assassination outfit.


small arms, smg’s, sniper rifles and explosives.


30% milsim 70% LARP

Physical & pshycological requirments:

As a Saboteur you are expected to last the entire event and with its strains. You will be expected to perform with somewhat lack of food and sleep. You are expected to follow orders at all times. You must be able to carry all the equipment needed to complete the upcoming task given to you during the game, as well as personal equipment such as food and water for the given task. Expect resupply options to come once every five hours.

Mission types:

Recon, assassinations, demolition, combat, intel, “For the sake of the nation”

Special requirments:

As a Saboteur you need to bring a sniper rifle that is effective up to a 100 meters. You need a radio that is effective up to 5 km radius.