Scout Sniper

The scout sniper units is the most vital tool for the NATSOC command as they acts as eyes and ears in hostile environments, as well as a precise and sharp weapon in the commanders arsenal.

Scout snipers operate in pairs. One spotter with one shooter. If you don’t sign up in a pair you will be assigned with another player- if this is available- if not  you be placed in another unit. Spots in this unit is very limited.

This unit is effected with the special sniper-shot rule- read more in the rules section.

Members of this unit requires special selection, contact us for more info.



Multicam (regular/tropic), M90 (green), flecktarn, M81 woodland, DPM, Marpat, Ranger green, Olive drab, AOR, Pencott greenzone, M95 (green).


small arms and sniper rifles.

Game style:

90% milsim 10% LARP

Physical & psychological requirements:

As a member of NATSOC Scout sniper unit you are expected to last the entire event with all its strains, with out any bigger issues. You will be expected to perform with lack of food and sleep. You are expected to follow orders at all times. Scout sniper units should be prepared to never return to FOB or unit camps once the game starts. Recon mission require a lot of patience and the ability to stay still and hidden for several hours, EXPECT NO COMBAT.  You must be able to carry all the equipment needed to complete all tasks given to you during the entire game, as well as personal equipment such as food and water. Expect no resupply.

The scout sniper unit have a large physical and physiological requirement. This is not for the first time out-doors man.

You need to be able to run 8km within 60 minutes and carry a 30kg pack for 120 minutes.

Mission types:

Recon, Intelligence, Assassination, Combat.

Special requirements:

As a member of NATSOC scout sniper you need to have a radio that is effective over a 5km range. You also need to have some ghilliesuit- like concealment as well as equipment to perform recon tasks, such as binoculars, writing utensils etc.