NATSOC Unit Presentation: Special Forces

In a update series, we will give you a quick presentation of each playable unit in our games.
The third unit presented are the Special Forces of the The Nordic Alliance Treaty Special Operations Command.

Are you and your airsoft team trying to take things to the next level? Are your skill in the outdoors better than most? Do you like getting yourself extra dirty with a lot off effort for sometimes small gain? Are your team willing to push yourselves towards the goal with little food and little sleep? Is the mission the most valuable for your squad even if it means hours of reconnaissance and maybe not even firing a bullet? Then the NATSOC-SF are definitely something for you and your team!

This elite unit consist of the Nordic Alliance absolute best warriors. Their objectives often takes them deep behind enemy lines for one specific mission.
Their attitude is strictly focused and they are always ready to face any obstacle thrown in their way.

Read more about the NATSOC Special Forces right here!

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TICKET RELEASE: Operation Taiga

The day is finally upon us! We have been planning for this event for about 4 months now and we can proudly say that everything is coming together very nicely.

This is our biggest event up to date and we are very much looking forward to this 3 day milsim taking place at Räddningsskolan in Rosersberg.

Please read the rules one extra time before register. Have in consideration that this game is not an ordinary “Sunday Game”. Special rules are applied and certain behavior and social  interaction are expected from the participants.

You can find the rules here

To apply for this game, please fill out the form below:

For questions or further information, please contact

See you on the battlefield!